news anchor la gi nghia cua tu anchor what is the meaning of news anchor

Here, we clearly see how strong the substantive impact of regime preferences becomes when a voter is not clearly anchored politically.

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Each line is anchored at the ends with a reference: not at all at the left, and worst possible at the right.

Here they could not get the anchors out because the winch was frozen in a lump of ice.

A supertag is said lớn be anchored by the word associated with it.

Each of the three acts is anchored by an extended number in which this relationship is explored and developed.

We have examined examples of life courses that display types of wisdom anchored in community life.

The related troubles talk nourished the community, anchored in these two visible members, whose biographical particulars signalled a very visible identity.

Richards discusses what she terms ' bad neighbours ', and their role as anchors for communication in the neighborhood.

Importantly, this base anchors the inner life of the individual, sustaining a sense of resilience and social identification during the everyday negotiation of social relationships.

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In addition lớn occurring in locally anchored immediate space, speech events establish interactional spaces defined by the configuration and orientation of copar ticipants.

Responses were ranked according lớn the severity of stressors on a fully anchored fivepoint scale ranging from ' none ' (0) lớn ' severe ' (4).

Legal instruments are often accompanied by financial sanctions, while economic instruments are anchored in legal regulations.

Such statements are evidence of doctors' decision-making being anchored in empirical evidence about disease prevalence.

Both developments are motivated by a perceived need lớn achieve communicatively transparent test results anchored in observable behaviors.

Clearly, empirically anchored rating methods for eliciting semantic similarity and dissimilarity deserve further consideration.

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